Battery indicator not working properly | ASUS TUF Gaming A15 FA506IH

@ py0xc3 I mean this line in my case does not end with rhgb quiet as it is in your example. So that is ok if I just add that code at the end of the line ?

Yes, just add it to the end of your options line. Your file seems to be already modified for nvidia drivers or such.

Absolutely! I just meant that you should keep it in your mind until you see that the kernel has been updated (if you do your updates manually, you can see it directly, or if you boot and you see in grub that a new kernel is listed & booted from). When you see that an update has been done to the kernel, then try to remove the two blacklistings and check out if it works without blacklisting in the new kernel.

However, 5.19.7 is already in testing (I’m already using it : ) and should be there in a few days. You can keep the blacklisting with 5.19.7 as it has not yet a fix for the problem. But I expect the one after 5.19.7 will have.

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(base) [Ali@ali ~]$ sudo echo "blacklist asus_ec_sensors" > /etc/modprobe.d/asus_ec_sensors.conf
bash: /etc/modprobe.d/asus_ec_sensors.conf: Permission denied

Should I remove quotes and try again?

First, please use preformatted text brackets for output → mark the text and use the </> button.
Second, correction: this is a special behavior of sudo in conjunction with stdin/stdout (I wasn’t aware of it as I don’t use sudo myself).

I have not much time today, but this can help you to adjust the command yourself for now:

Supplement: The solution above is adjusted. I forwarded it to the workaround. We designed and discussed the workaround to fit all types and configurations of Fedora. So I assume this will avoid issues among different configurations and such.

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Thanks. I did with echo blacklist asus_ec_sensors | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/asus_ec_sensors.conf

maybe they will release update with fix

that would be good

cause of beginners

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The fix will come with a kernel update. So, yes, it will come automatically with your Fedora updates.

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Now, as 5.19.8 kernel has come out do you think that I should try removing blacklistings?

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Yes. It is worth a try. Although as far as I read it, it seems that 5.19.8 has still the problematic autoloading of asus_ec_sensors. But it is worth a try because we know there had been other kernels in the past that had no issues despite asus_ec_sensors’ autoloading.

Make the update to 5.19.8, remove both blacklistings, reboot, check out & let us know! Good luck! If it works after the reboot, check lsmod to see the status of the module. Otherwise, unfortunately, add the blacklisting again. (Thanks for providing us testing information!)


As far as I remember, I added rdblacklist=asus_ec_sensors only. So what was the second blacklisting you are referring to?

Maybe this one:


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I removed this blacklisting from the file as you taught, but regarding the second one

I ran just like a simple line of code, how can I remove that? By saying the second one do you mean this part specifically? And if yes how can do that?:

I am so sorry to disturb you all the time endlessly. Thanks)

I don’t have much time to spare this week, but the file you created can just be deleted the usual way → sudo rm /etc/modprobe.d/asus_ec_sensors.conf

However, we have discussed and created an official workaround since the issue appeared on your system. If the new kernel does not solve the problem so that you have to add the blacklisting again, I suggest to use the official workaround for the blacklisting in future: Battery charge indicator broken on certain ASUS motherboards, automatic suspend doesn't work

The workaround also contains a description how to remove it afterwards.

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@ali-guest01 @kquote03 @burakdede

Kernel 5.19.9 contains multiple fixes for the autoload of asus_ec_sensors. The problem you have been experiencing should be fixed after the update to 5.19.9, which will be the next kernel update. This update will come soon; the testing of this kernel for Fedora has already begun.

Therefore, once you update to 5.19.9, you can remove both blacklistings. We would appreciate any feedback if everything works again (or not) on 5.19.9 without blacklisting. I would prefer to have a “real world test case” on Fedora before changing the workaround.


I have tested it. It is fixed now. Thanks for your interest.

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Thanks for updating the bugzilla report and letting us know! I will update the workaround once the new kernel is pushed to stable :+1: