Best FAS experience with Gnome-40 "Web" , a.k.a. "Epiphany" webbrowser

To use FAS and Fedora webpages, Epiphany may be preferrable over firefox with LOCKWISE password store IMHO.

Enter your FAS credentials into Gnome 40 “Settings” app, then Epiphany will smoothly login to almost all Fedora-webpages, while Firefox LOCKWISE is struggling at times. Getting FAS credentials already is hard enough in the real world, so why not look for a smooth way of websurfing…

Firefox will give first time users a real hard time when it comes to

to the point of it all making no sense appearantly.

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You mean Gnome 40?

Thanks for the note. Since there’s no question/issue here I’m going to close this now. Please open new topic for other specific issues.