Best up to date laptop for Fedora 35

Would be nice if some where willing to start making custom made builds of Lab/Desk-tops with preinstalled Fedora OS. To make the community grow. But I do not know the effect of that I do not know what we have in mind by Fedora. The danger of growing and spreading to fast is comercialisation and greed can seperate good intentions very fast and make freinds enemies. So perhaps just keep it simple. I’m not the one to judge :angel:

I have never used them but this company offers that:

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I love it. That was what I’m looking for. Really nice machines. Have to have a deeper look into this site and compare but it is already well organized and understandable.

Beautyfull. Thanks!

Now lets just hope that Santa is coming :santa:


I managed to get an X1 Carbon Gen 9 from Amazon. Good price too. Look for other sources other than direct from Lenovo.

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