Bind mouse button on Fedora 33 wayland

Hi !

I use 4 different mouse/trackball for my workflow on my Windows desktop and I struggle to replicate my config on Fedora 33.

Key detection issue

So the first issues is on my trackball it’s a Elecom Huge ( M-HT1DRBK) the pointer works, as the left click and the right click but the forward/back button don’t do anything, this The trackball is supported by the kernel (hid-elecom.c)

Key mapping & mouse/trackball configuration

Basically i would like to be able to configure of the mouse/trackball independently of each other and for the application that i’m runing. ( swtich to the next virtual desktop on gnome when i press fn2 when the cursor is over the taskbar, them make a combinaison keystroke when virtualbox is use… etc)

So for what i have search xbindkeys don’t work on wayland an i have two possibility :

  • swaynagmode” form “sway” enable the possibility to emulate keyboard shortcut from the mouse.
  • Hawck My best option i guest… but honestly i will prefer a GUI and more “native” solution them write lua script…

Sensibility by device

The last issue is the cursor speed, gnome set the same speed for every devices, and i have to play with DPI button on the different mouse/trackball.

Thanks in advance for reading me :slight_smile:

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I do use dconfig editor to set trackball org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.trackball (set custom value to 9, you could test that for your desktop)

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Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
But they are now speed configuration unlike the mouse section, but at least I can configure the profile.