Bluetooth always turned on after power on or resume from suspend on Silverblue 35

Hi, I got an annoying problem with a laptop running latest silverblue 35. I clean installed silverblue 34 a while back (the problem occurred there too), and did not customize the system in any way I imagine could affect bluetooth, and bluetooth also works.
But every time I resume from suspend or power on, bluetooth is always on, even if it was toggled off. I don’t see anything related to that in the journal. Does this happen to you too, or is it a bug with my installation/hardware?


Did you have bluetooth dongle placed on your USB port during the boot? Also if you’re not using wifi, you could use “Airplane Mode” on (Gnome Setting > Wifi then Toggle “Airplane Mode”). It will disable all radio based communication (Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Broadband).

It is a laptop, so bluetooth is always connected to the PCIe bus as part of the wifi adapter. I still want to use WiFi, obviously, so airplane mode is not a solution for me, sadly. Is the behavior I am experiencing normal? I feel like bluetooth shouldn’t turn on by itself once I toggled it off…

I means bluetooth dongle for wireless keyboard or mouse or audio with higher series if any. Sometime we need to add bluetooth dongle with higher series (5) if our current bluetooth on laptop too lagging when playing sound.

Btw, I tried couples scenarios with bluetooth on or off with suspend and reboot with my Fedora Workstation and the problem didn’t shown as yours. Tonight I have a plan to install Fedora Silverblue on my laptop. I’ll inform you if I found same problem.

That would be great if you test this. I can file a bug with the devs afterwards.

Lucky for me, it’s all ok here. I try both suspend and reboot also poweroff-then-poweron, the bluetooth stay off. :sweat_smile:

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It looks like not, @oprizal please post the kernel you use that @thecuriousmind can test it to see if he has success.

I experienced the same issue on every kernel since July (when I first installed Silverblue)

I have 5.14.10 and 5.15.6 with all work fine.