Blurry fonts in chromium, edge,

The fonts are blurry in chromium, edge, bluegriffon, and some other apps. What’s the problem?

Do you have us a bit more details about your configuration/system ?

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I’m using a notebook of Huawei matebook x pro with a 3000x2000 screen. The system is Fedora 33, gnome and wayland.

Is it actually running at 3000×2000?

No, I use a scaling of 200%.

Aren’t your fonts bitmaps ? With this resolution there should be no blur I think.

I mean, is it actually recognized as a 3000×2000 panel? That’s somewhat rare — and the OS getting that wrong would certainly cause blurriness.

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I don’t know whether my fonts are bitmaps.

I believe it is actually recognized as 3000x2000 panel. With a scaling of 200%, the windows and fonts have a reasonable actual size.

Let’s try this: if you put it to 100% rather than scaled, are the fonts still blurry? Obviously UI elements will be ridiculously small so this isn’t a solution, just wondering as a diagnostic.

When I put it to 100%, the fonts are too small to be decided blurry or not.

What if you use a larger font size in Chromium? Again, just to test.

Actually I had nice fonts with gnome-tweak-tool (need to install) set bigger fonts. For short time I have 4k monitor 31,5 inches. If you set up fonts in this tool you have nice fonts, however layouts are not perfect. Currently playing with scaling in Gnome with fractional scaling Gnome 3 150% Display Scaling - Ask Fedora: Community Knowledge Base and Support Forum and fonts then are in fact blurry. I’m not sure why.