Boot animation not being shown


I don’t remember whether I’ve done something wrong (e.g. disabled a service from boot) or something else, however, the default boot animation is not being shown. Instead of it, I see three dots on a flat somehow-blue background blinking, i.e. a bit like dots in Ubuntu’s boot. There is no Fedora logo anymore, nor my laptop’s brand. It’s really weird.

Why it’s happening?
Is it related to Grub, boot services or installed packages?
How can I fix it?


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Perhaps some missing plymouth packages.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that (mine is that way). I installed Fedora using Netinstall or Server Image and opted for "Minimal Install and Standard" group packages. I do not think plymouth comes with those.

I should mention that I’ve installed Fedora Workstation edition, so, the boot animation was working before, but I don’t know why it’s not working now.

And I installed all plymouth-* packages from DNF, but nothing changed relating to boot-up animation.

Maybe you meant other packages?