Can we get a German discussions category?

We have so many languages here and apparently already some German users, so can we maybe get a “Discussions in German” category?


Hello @rugk… Yes of course we can have German Language… when we setup discourse in the initial, two contributor here in discourse start the process but for some health of one members and time for another one this work can’t continue… and the process was suspended…

To start a Language all We need is a long-term support… and at least two member…

We have a check list to help in the process is you’re interested:

Feel free to contact the staff and admin…


@rugk this is the Standard Operation Procedure:


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I don’t have access to the link, you’ve posted.

sorry is in the lounge, only trust user level 3 can acces it, I correct the original post @rugk


Two community members had already started to setup a German category. @Lailah, @andilinux, what is the latest status?

I think the process stalled and they didn’t complete the setup. In my opinion, the biggest challenge for a new language is that it needs a permanent moderator (or two). I wish I could volunteer but unfortunately I can’t commit because I am busy with job, family and other projects.

@moderators. Can we bump @rugk to lever 3 - he is a long-time member of the old askbot forum. That way he can be involved in the lounge. Thanks

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Well, for sure due to stress and long time of illness I haven’t been able to moderate and to work further on the German site.

Nevertheless, if somebody wants to work with me or I can take a look today getting an overview about unsucceded tasks.

Finally, I fully agree that there have to be German support on Fedora.




if they start the process, we can make he/him and another members temporary admin right, when they finish their job, we can downgrade them, and make @rugk moderator and the other member user trust level 4…



I’m sorry for this as I am partially guilty. I volunteered to help with the German support but later on I had so much in hand that it simply slipped away. Right now, I can’t grant a full time commitment as my health is not in its best moment and I have a Fernsehturm tall pile of things to do.
I can help with occasional support, particularly when it comes to KDE and graphic/design/art/photography related subjects.
Kind regards,

Sorry, that was a misunderstanding. I meant to push him to Level 3 so @rugk can participate in the Lounge.