Cannot share screen properly on Microsoft Teams

I have Fedora 34 Workstation and I cannot properly share screen on Microsoft Teams with Google Chrome.

If I share the entire screen, both me in the preview and the other participants after I share see it fully black, they only see a black box that fill all the screen.

If I share a single windows it works now and then. But, in this case, if I stop sharing and then re-share another window, participant still see the old window, even if I closed the application that generated that window in the meantime. To change window I have to exit the meeting and re-enter.

Plus I cannot share the window of some applications like Master PDF Editor.

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Have you checked an other browser? Same result?

With Firefox Microsoft Teams does not work at all.

So I’m not sure what other browser I should check.

I have Brave but didn’t check with it. I assume the results would be the same.

Did you see this?

I can certainly install the proprietary app, but due to security concerns over proprietary apps I would prefer the web application to work

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Moreover, it used to work before I updated my system, so I think it is a regression.

Does anyone else have this same problem?

I am facing same issue. I can share screen from Edge Browser but they see just black screen with cursor.

I have teams app as well and I can’t share screen from there at all. I don’t see anything in share tray to select.

Might be that Microsoft now more about it. Have you had a look there ?

Facing the same issue even on the proprietary app. Clicking the share button, the list to choose Desktop to share is blank, This used to work correctly last week… :frowning:
Not sure which updates were installed (teams or OS upgrades)

  • On fedora 34 with wayland.

There was a Kernel update from 5.11 to 5.12 on the weekend. You might try an older Kernel version. But i guess this issue has todo with your Graphic card. Changes the Kernel it messes up the driver.

I’m having the same issues i tried switching to xorg just as a test and still no screen sharing…

Still I cannot share the full screen with Microsoft Teams web app.

Sharing a single windows work.

Anyone now more about this?

Sharing in Wayland doesn’t work. It works fine in Xorg


UPDATE: I uninstalled teams and deleted all corresponding directories switched to Xorg and reinstalled the latest version of teams, all system updates and everything is working!

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