Can't install Fedora 34, Gnome anaconda black

When I try to install anaconda installer is black
Can not do anything with the installer so can’t install
This is a older desktop
Dell Inspiron 530, Intel Core2 Duo E4500, Intel 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics
Also Gnome is very sluggish especially activities takes forever like it’s using the wrong driver
Any help
Kde spin works fine
Fedora 33 works great even with wayland

Do you mean only the Anaconda Installer is black, or the whole screen after booting the install USB is black?

One generic way to overcome video issues during installation is to use generic video drivers.

You can follow the above quick-doc, via the Troubleshooting boot menu, and try using the basic graphic mode.

Sometimes, after installation, update to latest, graphic drivers issues might already be fixed.

It will boot into Gnome off of usb but is sluggish especially activities, takes forever
It’s the anaconda installer that is black

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Does the basic graphic mode help?

If you have older Hardware i propose you to use a Spin like the Mate desktop.