Categories by desktop or software?

I was wondering, if it wouldn’t be possible to order posts in categories according to desktop or software. Some posts are very general and go well with “using Fedora”, but others are very specific. They relate to a certain desktop/environment or a particular piece of software. Wouldn’t make things simpler if posts were categorised according to software with “using Fedora” as default category for those who don’t know or feel unsure where to place the question?
Just an idea.

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Unfortunately, discourse only allows 2 levels of categories. The top level has been used to support multiple languages, and the next level for the “use” or “install/upgrade” categories. We cannot have more levels under these.

The breakdown into more specific categories was discussed at length during the planning phase:

The idea initially was to group by desktop environment which was the broadest and yet most specific category system—especially one that end users will quickly be able to relate to. However, further discussion led to us changing this in favour of more vaguely defined categories. With “software”, there’s no way to really define what tool gets its own category and what doesn’t. Additionally, it requires more work from the staff (admins—since only they can create categories) who will have to constantly monitor posts, create categories (and sync all languages?)

You can read more on how the current categories came about here:


Oh, shame… I didn’t know Discourse allowed only two categories.
I understand the situation better now.
Greetings and thanks for explaining this.