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I would like to change my avatar in my FAS but when I am redirected to Libravatar I don’t see where I can do it.
Thank you for your help.
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Patux upload file (scroll down) and then you can select it. Did you see that ?



Thanks for your response.

I saw it but it’s not working for Fedora Accounts.

I used my Fedora OpenID to login into Libravatar.

It’s alright for Wiki and Ask Fedora anyway.

I realized it too, as i made my avatar over, i was redirected to libavatar to log in with my Fedora OpenID. Then it appeared the login name as ilikelinux2. I found this strange.

Mybe it has to do with the change from fas to ?
Must have created some redundancies?

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I think so too.

I don’t know if it’s a problem of redundancies.

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I mentioned before in a thread of mine that libavatar under firefox is a headache while in Epiphany it starts to make sense all of a sudden.

FAS troubles…

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You need to add your email address to Libravatar. It has your OpenID linked to it, but your FAS is looking for the matching email address.