Change default language to login fedora

I installed Fedora with default language “ru”.
When load Fedora i need:
First: i need to change language from ru to en
Second: After that i can write my password in english language
Where can i change default language to “en”.
I don’t want everytime change language from ru to en

Photo is not my:



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Hi, to confirm, you want to change the language of the login screen (GDM) to English?

On gnome, this can be done by going to settings > region and language > login screen (top right hand corner).


User2021 wants to work on a computer who is installed in Russian. Now the default Keyboard Layout should be permanent in English … not Russian (the picture is not from User2021).

Lately i wanted to do something similar in Gnome and i not could figure it out.

In Mate Desktop this seams to be much easier and everything on the same place like:

Is it necessary to install gnome-tweaks for this kind of changes?

Have either of you tried settings > region and language? Does that not work?

I work on a Gnome installation where i installed Mate on top. So all the changes i make are keeping in both environments. But yes I checked it (I do just have one Layout).

What i miss is that everything is on the same place … where can i set that my coma gets a dot on the numeric keyboard section?

@user2021 has two layouts … so maybe he has to put the default just on top (first position). On the gear icon it is also possible to say “Separate layout for each window”.

I’m afraid that’s a different conversation, one that should probably be made with the Gnome design team.

On gnome, you switch layouts using ctrl + spacebar. I use it to cycle between 3/4 different layouts. Works very well.

Anyway, @user2021 can you please comment to confirm if your issue is fixed?

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As you use 3/4 layouts … is it so that the top one is default right ?

I guess so? I haven’t logged when using an alternative one to see if it persists when I log back in yet. I’ll try that later.

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This is work for gnome with login in user.(login inside)
This is not work in Gnome Display Manager

Maybe this helps:

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Even the option that says “Login manager” in the top right hand corner?