Citrix Workspace setup on Fedora Silverblue

Hi All,

I would like to change from Fedora Workstation to Silverblue because it’s more innovative but before it I have a problem to solve with Citrix Workspace which is needed for my daily work.

For setting up Citrix Workspace I tried to follow the following instructions:

I downloaded Citrix Workspace as an RPM package from the official Citrix webside and installed it with the rpm-ostree command but the certificates should be also added and rehashed. The problem is that while on the traditional Fedora Workstation the needed folders take place under /opt/Citrix/ICAClient, in Silverblue it is just a link and it takes place under the /usr folder which is read-only thanks to the immutability of Silverblue so I can’t add and rehash the certificates there.

Did any of you face such an issue and know how to solve it?

Many thanks,

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