Clamav malfunction

changing dns does work but i am sure as hell not gonna change my dns provider for 1 inconsequential app like clamav, i would rather give clamav a kick on the derriere.

In honor of punk computing :sweat_smile: I performed these operation various times:
sudo freshclam
ctrl-c during the download process
sudo rm /var/lib/clamav/*

And now I can’t issue freshclam anymore :slight_smile:

WARNING: FreshClam previously received error code 429 or 403 from the ClamAV Content Delivery Network (CDN).
This means that you have been rate limited or blocked by the CDN.

Probably, if there are some issue downloading the definition database, clamav team has decided to rate limit the traffic with the intent to prevent DDOS, various misuses, to save bandwidth for other people, to save money, whatever.

Maybe it doesn’t work because your public IP is rate limited right now, and even if the DNS was ok, you can’t perform new requests to the CDN.


huge thanks to you both.

but tell me this, linux is all about freedom & not this :

Run FreshClam no more than once an hour to check for updates.

show me 1 android / linux / windows app that limits update checks.

the next thing clamav will ask me is to change my service provider & then my geographical location to just get an update for their insignificant concoction.

Please do not open a ticket asking for an exemption from the rate limit, it will not be granted.

which software company sends that kind of a rude message to linux users?

even arch debian elementary endeavour fedora manjaro ubuntu have never ever had such arrogance.

WARNING: You are still on cool-down until after: 2022-08-06 23:39:26

& what on earth is clamav cooling me down for?

in the windows world i assure you, 8 out of 10 users would not even have heard of clamav.


What’s the dns provider causing the issue?

Regards Tom.

clam :lemon: av is protecting itself from DDOS with DOSS (Denial Of Service to Subscribers) :rofl:

that is like having an umbrella which can not withstand the storm itself, how on earth will it protect me?

updates are back to normal since the past 3 days with the same dns i have always used.

fedora upgraded clamav to recommended version 103.7

thank you tom for your assistance.