Clean up of boot-related tags?

We have, at quick glance:


… as well as a number of EFI/UEFI related tags.

I’m inclined to make #grub2 a synonym of just #grub, and either remove #multiboot or make it #mult-boot to make it feel consistent.

Does anyone… care? :classic_smiley:

Aren’t the tags user-created anyway? I thought anyone can create any tag they want during the authoring of their topic. Unless that is fixed, I feel this cleanup of the tags (including the change to fedora-linux-#) might be in vain…

Tag creation is available to Trust Level 3 by default, but we lowered it to Trust Level 2 to get the site started. We could probably revisit that, but honestly I don’t feel like there’s a general problem — most of the tags seem reasonable to me, with only a few of these overlaps. I feel like keeping it at TL2 with moderators / admins doing a cleanup every now and then is reasonable.

Discourse has a “synonyms” feature, so that when someone tries to use a tag that is renamed, they get redirected to the other. I didn’t use that for #fedora-linux-35 and etc., because the destination tags didn’t exist yet. But if someone creates one in the future, we can do that.

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Ah, didn’t realize it was TL2 and above. The need for cleanup isn’t ideal, I feel. I’m not sure how the synonyms feature works, but hopefully that helps.

It seems there’s only 1 topic created with the #multiboot tag vs 31 for the #dual-boot tag. I can see how #multiboot could become a superset of both, and we could get rid of #dual-boot, but that seems to run against the natural flow of users who seem to overwhelmingly search/use the #dual-boot tag more. Maybe just rename #multiboot to #multi-boot and keep both? In the end, I don’t think many people are searching/using that tag anyway though.

Making #grub2 a synonym for #grub seems to make sense. Looks like more people use the latter than the former anyway.

I think ASK should keep #boot
Then make #multiboot #multi-boot auto redirect to #dualboot

As grub versions are moving slowly, so having #grub2 equal to #grub is ok.

The best solution for this issue would be that a user can only select from some predefined categories.

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Include a empty category to catch the occasional weird question. Name it “Other”.

The tagging isn’t comprehensive — if there isn’t a match it’s OK for a question to be not tagged.

This is true for users in TL0 (brand new) or TL1. That’s the vast majority of users.

As mentioned above, we could restrict that further, but it actually seems to be working pretty well as-is.