Contribute at the Fedora Test Week for Kernel 5.12

Kernel test week

The kernel team is working on the final integration for kernel 5.12. This version was just recently released and will arrive soon in Fedora.

You can use a virtual machine:

  1. get the Test Day image
  2. configure a VM (KVM, VirtualBox, whatever)
  3. boot the test day image

Or you can use a bare-metal machine (a laptop or a desktop):

  1. It is better to don’t test it on a production machine, and at least make a backup of your important data (it is advisable to regularly backup your data even if you don’t plan to test the new kernel :wink:)
  2. get the Test Day image, put it in a USB stick, and boot the live system


  • check if the live system boot (if you are not confident, it could be sufficient to do that)
    Run the test:
    • open a terminal
    • cd kernel-tests
    • sudo ./


In any case, there is no need to install the 5.12 kernel on your system!