Contribute at the Fedora Test Week for kernel 5.3

Great way to contribute is ongoing.

Kernel 5.3 will arrive soon in Fedora.
It would be nice to test it on a wide range of systems: virtual machines are good, but also on different bare metal machines it would be very useful.

Testing the new kernel is easy. And there are various ways.
You can use a virtual machine:

  1. get the Test Day image
  2. configure a VM (KVM, VirtualBox, whatever)
  3. boot the test day image

Or you can use a bare metal machine (a laptop or a desktop):

  1. It is better to don’t test it on a production machine, and at least make a backup of your important data (it is advisable to regularly backup your data even if you don’t plan to test the new kernel :wink:)
  2. get the Test Day image, put it in an USB stick and boot the live system


  • check if the live system boot (if you are not confident, it could be sufficient to do that)
    Run the test:
    • open a terminal
    • cd kernel-tests
    • sudo ./


In any case there is no need to install the 5.3 kernel on your system!

For more information:


How to test and submit if you are already on F31 Beta? Or do they not need that?
EDIT: nevermind, I’ll just boot the test image

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Download started! Thanks for the clear instructions and links. :grinning:

Not sure if this matters, but the installation screen said Fedora 30 and there were banners, which I thought were removed. Also, the installation % indicator was odd. At 100% it still had a lot of space to the right…

ss-1 ss-2

Yes. You can also test it on F31. Kernel 5.3 is already there.

Hello @dan1mal and thank you for testing.

The test day image is based on :fedora:30. So banners are still in place: they will be (or they were :smile:) removed starting from :fedora:31.

The 100% is fine: 100% installing packages; but due to the fact that there are other tasks to complete, it is fine that the progress bar is still not full.

Said that: there is no need to install the system! The test can be performed directly in the live system :wink:

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