Cool REPO for help us to find out bugs for a respective package

in the new recent :fedora: magazine post about cool COPR projects for the month of December 2020:

I found and interesting COPR repo, it help me a lot to find a bug for a specfic problem in a TOPIC.


rhbzquery is a simple tool for querying the Fedora Bugzilla instance. It provides an interface for specifying the search query but it doesn’t list results in the command-line. Instead, rhbzquery generates a Bugzilla URL and opens it in a web browser.

example, for name a few:

rhbzquery f33 package-name

. Usage Example

References and More info:



Oh, cool, that is going to be super-helpful to me!

The article from the Fedora Magazine is great.

I installed also Blanket … it is really relaxing and helps to come down after reading some Novels complaining about Bugzilla and make some fuss about it here :grin:

Aaaahhhh … I’m almost sleeping listening to birds and water running down the hill :sleeping: