Creating Desktop Shortcuts

I have Fedora 31 with Gnome Extensions installed so I can use desktop icons. What I used to do was copy links from /usr/share/applications to ~/Desktop so I can have links to applications on my desktop.

This still works, but it is not showing the proper icon. Say for Cheese for example. I copy /usr/share/applications/org.gnome.Cheese.desktop to my desktop. Then I right click and “Allow Launching”. Then I can launch it but the desktop icon doesn’t change to the Cheese Icon.

I know this is a minor issue but has been bothering me for weeks.

Its bothering me too. I believe this is a Gnome issue. I reached out to them and someone had a major breakdown about “desktop icons”.

I found a solution. If you go to
then search for Desktop icons ng(ding) and install that it should work.