Creating network /home with FreeIPA and Fedora

I am currently running Fedora 32. I have 5 servers, 7 client machines, which will grow to 15 client machines before the end of the year. My current issue is that I have set up FreeIPA following the Fedora 18 Documentation on FreeIPA currently available of and I am aware that some later documentation might become available when the move is completed.

My network is setup such that:
domain: hoststate.domain.tld
controllers: svr1.hoststate.domain.tld, srv2.hoststate.domain.tld
nfs-server: srv3.hoststate.domain.tld

client machines: client1.hoststate.domain.tld, client2.hoststate.domain.tld, …, client5.hoststate.domain.tld

Regardless of how I try to set up the NFS Server, when I follow the instructions to setup the /home shares, the NFS server maps the directory over its own /home, and ends up with the directory being empty, and the users cannot log in on any machine. How do I get it so that the NFS Server does not do this, and instead allows the client machines to see what it has available.

NOTE: I tested working with other shares as well “/mediadata” for the company Documents/Presentations/Video Training, but the same thing is happening, so obviously I’m a moron and doing something incorrectly, but I cannot find any documentation that helps me to isolate this issue.

Please let me know what files/information beyond the above will help to isolate the issue and I will make it available as soon as possible.

Thank you