Deepin Desktop Environment On Fedora 30, keyboard layout not working

Hello, I’ve upgraded from Fedora 29 cinnamon DE (Desktop Environment) to Fedora 30 without any problems. Then I installed Deepin DE successfully. Everything is good, but I can’t set multiple keyboard layouts, which is a nightmare. I try to set any layout, but able to use only English layout set through “keyboard” while searching apps. I’ve managed to use multiple keyboards using input method selector in apps, but there I don’t see all the languages I need. Also, I noticed many graphical artifacts/glitches almost everywhere. One more thing is that I don’t have a password for non-root user and when the system goes to sleep or lock or log out, but deepin lock screen doesn’t allow empty passwords so I can’t log in…
And I can’t get back to cinnamod DE, when I switch to in in the startup screen and press enter (because I’ve an empty password) it shows Acer logo like during boot process for a second and shows login screen again.
My laptop configuration is:
Acer Aspire E5-575G
cpu: i5-6200U
ram: 8gb
int graphics: HD Graphics 520
dedicated graphics: GeForce 940MX