Disk not visible while installing

Hi, so recently I bought a new average laptop from dell and it only contained a hard disk which was crappy so I had to buy a NVME ssd and then reinstall my software - windows 10 in it. Now, I want to install fedora 35 in it with windows as well(dual boot) but the issue I am facing is that when I removed my hard drive to make my ssd the first preference, the installing software found no local disks, but when add my hard disk it detects a local disk.
So, my question is why can’t I see my ssd while installing fedora 35?

Could you please give us more info’s as :

inxi -Fzx in terminal and post the output as </> Preformatted text here.

Hi @mananonlinux .
Maybe this can help…


Hi I’m a newbie so i don’t know what you meant but basically I cannot see my nvme ssd as a local disk while installation however if I try with a hard disk I can see it as a local disk.
I could have installed it on hard drive but it is really slow and I want to install it into a ssd for better performance.

Oooh thanks! I’ll look into that and update…

Hey that article suggests to change raid on to ahci mode but that would remove windows from my computer

I understand you would have to have made this change, switch to AHCI mode in Bios, before installing SSD and Windows.

Switching the bios to handle the drives with AHCI instead of raid does not remove windows. It does, however, require that the user do a recovery procedure on his windows install before they continue with the linux install.

There have been several threads in the past on this issue, especially with dell laptops.

You’re right… From what I’ve seen, changing the bios to handle AHCI drives in Windows is a very simple procedure.