Dnfdragora window exceeds screen-size

The control keys at the bottom of the window are hidden off-screen. The application does not allow decrease re-sizing except Minimise.
Exhibited by:
Fedora 31, Cinnamon
Upgrade to 33 and latest Cinnamon.
(knowing Alt+A allows use. Command-line dnf working happily)

What’s your screen size?

Display says “1366x768 (16:9) Recommended”
So, not talking about a smart-phone display or some-such mini-sized screen!

There seems to be no way to adjust the dnfdragora window, nor its internal panels. Thus question seems slightly irrelevant, in that if it won’t allow me, the software should adapt!

Looks like there’s an upstream report about this here: Dnfdragora 2.1.0 window height · Issue #164 · manatools/dnfdragora · GitHub