Downloading failed

I am trying to download a 9GB file on Mozilla Firefox 90.0.2 for Fedora from a mirror,, it failed at 7GB.
So, I moved to another mirror,, it failed at 7GB as well.
Screenshot from 2021-07-31 14-47-12

What should be the problem ?

You can try aria2 or wget

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Thank you so much.

One more question, please.
Could aria2c continue downloading after either CentOS-Stream-8-x86_64-20210728-dvd1.iso or CentOS-Stream-8-x86_64-20210728-dvd1(1).iso previously failed from downloading in Firefox?

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Sorry, I also donā€™t know if it will work.But you can read the user manual or google how to use aria2 with your browser and you might find the answer.