Dsub out of range after power fail - fedora 34 server

I have encountered a strange problem - after a power fail, I get no vga out from my hardware on the encryption unlock screen. Monitor shows “dsub out of range”.

I have had a few power fails in the past and this is the first time I’ve ever seen this. The vga output works fine at the bios and at the grub boot screen.

I can enter the disk encryption password and the system will boot OK, but the vga output stays this way.

Anyone have any hints? Thank you.

It sounds as if your output has gone beyond the range of input capability of the monitor, ie scan frequency, or resolution.

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I’m not sure how a power fail has changed this, how would I go about reconfiguring the display?

Well, I was meaning out of your PC, but it could be a physical issue if you are in an area that suffers power interruptions. Associated with outages is usually power spikes on return, or repeated short cycle power retries. From a device POV this is not desirable. Do you have another monitor to try or another PC to connect to your monitor? Have you verified physical connections throughout, especially if this has been in place for some time, connectors and cards come loose.


Is the display normal during the POST of the machine?

@z3n A surge protector, spike suppressor, surge suppressor , surge diverter , surge protection device [SPD] or transient voltage surge suppressor is a device intended to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes in AC circuits. If you are in a country with power outages (like USA) or much lightning you should have one.