Dual monitors with Wayland on FC32

I’m running Fedora 32 on a Lenovo X1C laptop. Running either Gnome or Sway, but both are using Wayland.

The laptop screen works fine, no problems there.

However, I can’t get the system to recognize a second monitor. I’ve tried both a display-port (USB-C) connector) and an HDMI connector. Two different screens, two different connections. The system simply doesn’t see either one.

swaymsg -t get_outputs -> only shows my laptop screen.

My guess is that there is something I need to adjust in the system configuration so that it can detect a second scrren.

A bit of research shows that I have an Intel UHD 620 chipset on this laptop. Fedora is supporting that with the i915 driver. But, not sure how to adjust configuration so it detects a second screen.

Anybody else have this issue, or any ideas on how to resolve it?


Still need help with this one

+1 here. I’m having a similar issue, I have a 4k display that I’m trying to connect to. I can mirror the display, but any other option doesn’t seem to work. Very odd. Thinkpad t495s here. I try extended display and my monitor seems to think there isn’t any signal.

Hi, welcome to the Fedora community! What GPU do you have? Activites --> About --> Graphics