Emoji fonts inaccessible and some fonts not rendering

Whilst searching around the internet for how to get emoji to show up in color, I followed some advice to make .conf files in .config/fontconfig/conf.d and apply them with fc-cache -f, and I also installed some programs that supposedly created bindings for fonts, but now I don’t have any access to the emoji fonts of any variety (Noto Color or Twemoji or anything) - so when I right-click in an app and select ‘Insert Emoji’, there are no emojis to select; ditto the Emoji Selector Gnome Extension. Some fonts also aren’t rendering properly (such as in Chromium, like in the combined image of all three instances:)

I removed the .conf files I added and reinstalled fontconfig with yum but it made no difference. Does anyone have any ideas how to go about getting back emoji integration or resetting the font settings or what I could do now? I’m on Fedora 30.