Empresas que brinden soporte a Fedora / Which enterprises do you know bring support to Fedora

Estoy realizando una investigación y he buscado en muchos sitios web, sin embargo no logro encontrar alguna compañía que ofrezca servicios de soporte y mantenimiento a este sistema operativo, alguien de acá me podría ayudar con eso?

I am doing a research and I have searched in many websites, however I can’t find any company that offers support and maintenance services for this operating system, could someone here help me with that?

Fedora is not well suited for enterprises due to its active development and short support terms.
Fedora releases are relatively frequent and there are plenty of changes in each release.

Enterprises generally use distributions like RHEL or CentOS which are based on Fedora.
These distributions are considered stable and their release model better fits the corporate workflow.

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+1, if you want corporate style support, you shouldn’t rely on any community based distribution that is maintained by volunteers (volunteers hold other jobs and volunteer in their free time, so they can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to find the time to fix issues for you or help you troubleshoot). Instead, you should go for RHEL which has paid support (I don’t think CentOS has paid support either—as far as I know, it’s a community based distribution too).

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I understand, I appreciate your answers, but as I said, I am doing a research focused on Fedora, I am still looking for a company that provides support and maintenance because I need a quote about that. Guys if y´all know about almost one place who brings this kind of support, pls let me know

I’m afraid, there’s no such company as businesses work for profit, not charity.
It wold be economically ineffective to provide any long-term SLA relying on Fedora.