Enter PIN for authenticator

Sorry in advance if this the wrong location for this question. I recently used fedup to upgrade my installation from 31 to 32. On reboot, after entering my password, I am prompted to enter a PIN, which I do. I proceed to my desktop and open a terminal where I am prompted to “Enter PIN for authentication:”. Regardless of whether I do or don’t, I get my terminal. I have searched for a way to disable this behavior but I haven’t been able to even find out what service is driving it. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was actually doing anything but it really doesn’t matter if I enter a PIN on login or in a terminal, I’m allowed access either way. I have new terminals opening all day for work and it’s getting annoying to cancel it every time.

LightDM was installed initially but I’ve tried XDM and GDM, so it doesn’t appear to be coming from the Window Manager.


Your shell runs commands from some file(s), such as .bashrc, each time you open a terminal or start the shell. A command in one of those files might be causing the annoyance.

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