Even more tag stuff! Tag icons?

There is a theme component which would let us put fontawesome icons next to tags. From the example:

We could have things like

image networking

image audio

image wifi

image bluetooth

image laptop

And they could even be in various colors, if that seems like a good idea.

But, of course, we’re limited to the fontawesome set. There’s not options for gnome or kde, and while we could do silly things like "image boot", some things just don’t lend themselves to logos.

Plus also, trying to assign a logo to every tag would be a lot of work.

This is…
  • A great idea!
  • Worth trying I guess
  • Not a good idea (because it’s too busy)
  • Not a good idea (because if we can’t label all tags it’s weird)
  • Not a good idea (for some other reason)
  • All I know is, my gut says, “maybe”

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Oh, I should add: there are three different ways I can think we might use this. They are:

  1. As above, try to put an icon with every tag where it makes sense.
  2. Pick a few key tags and put labels on those.
    • Maybe the Fedora release tags — see POST LINK TK
    • or we could pick some broad categorization-style tags like “hardware” and “audio” and highlight those, clearly separating them from more specific tags
  3. Don’t choose individual icons, but instead put the same symbolic icon on big groups of related tags, like image for every desktop environment.

3 sounds good.

Why bother? I’ve never seen the point of tags and this is just piling one more pointless idea on top of another.

Joe, see the other threads here for some references and discussion about tags and tagging in general.