External nvidia gpu installation

I want to install my GTX 1050 GPU in an external box which connects to my laptop with a thunderbolt cable. Without the GPU this works fine as a docking station supporting ethernet and an external drive. I have the instructions to install the appropriate NVIDIA drivers on a desktop, but I want the laptop to work as well without the external box connected, and it seems from some of the postings that I might unintentionally delete the laptop’s graphics drivers. What is the correct procedure?
(running Fed 29).

It depends on what GPU(s) your notebook is using right now (and with which drivers for NVidia one, if it has such a card).

As far as I understand, if your notebook has and uses integrated Intel (or AMD Radeon) video card, then it’s drivers won’t be deleted and when external GPU isn’t connected – notebook will continue to use integrated one. I think (don’t know) you’ll have to reboot for the switch to take place.

If you notebook has and uses built-in Nvidia GPU – then it’ll try to use the same NVidia proprietary drivers for both built-in and external GPU. If both are supported by the same driver version – then you shouldn’t have any problem. If built-in one is an old/legacy card and need an older version of the driver – then it won’t work. And you can’t have two versions of proprietary NVidia drivers on you system.

Also if you have an Optimus notebook (with Intel and NVidia videocards supporting dynamic switching) – that can be a problem, as far as I know.

In any case If you decide to install proprietary Nvidia drivers – please install them from rpmfusion (in case you don’t already know this):


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