F30 and BLS grubby and boot image not found

i upgraded from F27 to F30.
I have this new BLS boot loader spec turned on.
i have a 2007 dell PC so i assume it has a BIOS not UEFI
At boottime i get a couple of errors ‘boot image not found’ but it still boots up.
rpms for 5.0.13-300.fc30 and 4.18.19-100.fc27 are installed.
At boot, I do not get the usual screen to select from the various kernel versions.
kernel 4 gets selected automatically.

grubby output here

Grub2 is hidden in :fedora: 30 if you don’t have another OS in your system., to active it…


I realized for some reason it was still grub version 1 that was still installed in the MBR. Not ever grub version 2.
I then grub2-install on /dev/sda and then at book, the correct list of kernels appeared.
Pressing ESC or F8 while the firmware logo appears forces grub to list the choices, that’s how i realized the list contained an old list of kernels and that grub not grub2 was used.

Here are the documentation about re-install grub2…

First you need to know if your’re in BIOS or EFI

What is the result of this command ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars ??
you can see a lot of file, if yes you’re in EFI