F34 not recovering from suspend mode

Hi. Yes, I checked other entries but not sure are related. It happens at random. I upgraded from F33 and start noticing that, every one or two days, the system does not recover from suspend, so I am forced to reboot. Can anyone point me to other reports/solutions regarding this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Update: after posting, I think found the reason for this behavior. Since upgrading to F34 beta, I noticed updates were not so frequent and a particular package was not updated (a library related to “Freedesktop” something). I verified the repos via the Software app and found those for updates-testing were actually disabled. Given that F34 is still officially beta, I found that setting odd and enabled the updates-testing repos. Received and applied a bunch of updates.
So, I think this is the culprit. If I still get hit, I will report back. Thanks for your attention.

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just in my case…
Beta and regular installation or upgrade installation may be different.

Once again, thank you to the many people who participated in the preparation for F34.

[ The upgrade is in progress around the dawn of this day. It works really well without any problems. Applicable equipment HP notebook, Dell server, Intel Desktop (including GPU) two management equipment has been completed, and there are no abnormal symptoms. ]

notebook…fine and good work…F34 Server with KDE! Have a nice day!

Yes, thank you. I guess I need to disable the testing repos, now that F34 is final

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Sadly, the issue is still here. I looked into var/log for any hint but found nothing I could understand. I will need to shut down every evening to avoid this problem for the time being.

Update: Actually, it got worse, since the problem is happening more frequent. Although I did open my workstation to clean it a month ago, I don’t suspect a hardware issue. I went to settings and turned off Automatic Suspend. Curiously, I discovered a new Power Mode option set at “Balanced Power” that I switched to “Performance”. I also turned off a couple of shell extensions for the time being. I will suspend the workstation manually (as I used to do), and see what happens.

thanks for the awesome information.

@boricua Might not be your issue but when I had a similar issue with my F34 install I found that it was gnome extension that was causing the issue. I peeled them back one by one until it successfully resumed.