F36 Waking from sleep is broken

Hello! Fedora 36 KDE spin works perfectly for me until I make my laptop go to sleep. After waking it up, I see:

  • A black screen with only a cursor (if I make my laptop go to sleep directly), or
  • A blinking underscore only, which doesn’t accept input (if I use tty Ctrl+Alt+3), or
  • A login screen, which freezes after I input my password (if I lock my laptop first and then make it sleep)

I am using x11, but have the same issue when I use Wayland. I’m also using integrated graphics (Intel Xe) with OpenGL.

Previous forum threads involve black screens on first booting up, not after waking from sleep. A workaround is to simply never make my laptop sleep, but I’d prefer to find a fix other than hard rebooting every time.

Please tell me any files or settings I should upload, thanks!