FAQ: moving to Discourse

We moved AskFedora from Askbot to Discourse recently. This is a list of frequently asked questions that we’ve seen come up recently.

  • Why did we move?
    The move is mainly because we felt Discourse provides a flow that is more conducive to tech support based discussion. You can see how to use discourse well in the posts in #start-here.

  • What happened to the old platform?
    The older platform is currently in read-only mode at askbot.fedoraproject.org. It will soon be switched off. Search engines etc. will take a bit of time to update their indexes, but it will gradually happen.

  • What happened to the questions and answers on the old platform?
    Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to migrate all the information from askbot to Discourse. We do not host either platform, we pay the developers for hosting. So we do not have direct access to the databases. Even if we did, the work required to process the data from askbot to move it to Discourse could not be done with the current resources of the community.

    So, we decided to start afresh and treat each new query as a new one. Issues that were common were moved to the Fedora quick docs. Most other issues are specfic to software versions and Fedora releases and will need to be asked again anyway. If you think there are common queries that should be moved to the quick-docs, please open a ticket there. If you have the time, a pull request would be appreciated even more!

  • Who manages AskFedora?
    The deployment is managed by Discourse. We use a paid plan that is funded by the community budget. The setup and administration is done by community volunteers who use the time they have free from their jobs and their families to contribute to Free/Open source as members of the Fedora community.

  • I’d like to help! What do I do?
    We are always looking for new people to join the Fedora Free/Open Source community. You can see the different roles here at WhatCanIDoForFedora. You can also ask queries in the #community:contributing-to-fedora category or contact the Fedora Join SIG, and community members will be happy to help you get started!