Fedora 30 upgrade log in loop

Hi Fedora Community
I have recently upgraded to Fedora 30. The upgrade appeared to go well.
When trying to log in I was stuck in a log in loop. After reading up I tried creating a new user and the new log in was fine. I then tried disabling gnome extensions using gsettings get org.chrome.shell enabled-extentions “” and got the following:
CRITICAL **: Failed to get connection to xfconfd: Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 DISPLAY
dconf-WARNING 88: failed to commit changes to dconf Cannot autolaunch D-Bus without X11 DISPLAY
I am a novice in these matters but have been using Fedora for many years. I rely on it. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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Same here.
It seems to login, but instead of gnome session, login screen reappears.
Tried both, Wayland and Xorg…
Password ist definitely correct: I tested by Input of a wrong one that was instantly marked as being wrong, so no Typo or such!
Maybe usefull information: I had my system set up to automatically log in as I’m the only user and disk encryption is on…

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As suggested in thread

I created a new user and the gnome session came up. So I’m going to disable my extensions one after the other, as the extensions-tool has no “all” option…

Of my 11 extensions installed, I disabled all but caffeine. Now the Gnome session is up!

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I am stuck in the login loop and can’t create a new user or don’t know how. I clicked “not listed” and made a new login and pass and it says “Sorry that didn’t work. Please try again” ? Help is greatly appreciated! I cannot load any of the old versions as they do the same login loop. I used dnf upgrade to upgrade through Terminal. I did everything right, upgraded fully before install followed the instructions to a T. I tried recovery boot, to no avail…

Update so far: Got into terminal, moved gnome-shell/extensions folder to /home and rebooted, got in. Now to get my extensions back. Be back for further update.


Solved my Log in loop issue. It was an extension.
FransciscoD’s info was the key.
Thanks to mcbuhl for his input


Could you give me a pointer to how you enabled each extension one at a time to find the culprit?


Hi @svandive, welcome to the community. Please have a look at the posts in #start-here if you’ve not had a chance to yet.

Were you able to access the solution to this topic? It has the information you’re looking for?

Yep, I see now the best approach, thank you for having this forum!! Very helpful.



I just completed my upgrade from WS 29 to WS 30. My first logon attempt resulted in a loop. I went back to WS 29 and all worked. Then I remembered that in WS 29 (maybe 28) I had to use GNOME Classic. On that level, the logon would fail and I would get the logon screen back. I rebooted to WS 30 and set to GNOME Classic and all is working. I reached this solution by searching the log and finding an error in Wayland as part of the logon failure. After a little more research, I found how to disable Wayland and continue. Just a hint to anyone else having this logon problem. Thanks to all who have posted things that have helped me in my FEDORA journey.