Fedora 31 Announcements

Fedora: 31 Beta was was released two days ago, I point out some resources about the TOPIC:

Other interesting articles:

The talking points and release notes can use your help. As explained by @bt0dotninja :

Talking points are key highlights of the new release. There are different types of talking points for different types of people: general desktop users/everyone, developers, and sysadmins. They are meant to provide a short, effective answer to the question “What cool stuff is in the latest release of Fedora?” They are compelling, not necessarily comprehensive

You can upgrade now and report bugs, or wait for the Final release too: dnf-system-upgrade


:fedora: 29 Will coming soon EOL as described here



Even if it is beta, it is pretty solid.
But personally I recommend to upgrade or install Fedora Beta in these cases:

  • You are very curious
  • You don’t install it on your production machine, or at least be sure to make a backup of your important data
  • You install it with the aim to help to catch bugs (and to report them)