Fedora 31 auto updates

Fedora 31 wanting to update ALL the time. Not even being connected to the internet, I get messages stating that an update just failed. This is nuts. Whoever thought making updates mandatory is out of their mind.

If fedora gnome ,try go to gnome-software -->Update Preferences–>turn off Automatic Updates… or run this commands.

gsettings set org.gnome.software download-updates-notify false

gsettings set org.gnome.software download-updates false

There is also systemd timer dnf-makecache.timer to update dnf metadata , I don’t think it caused the message ,is better keep it enabled .

if gnome and the problem still exists , try kill gnome-software and remove cache and reboot your system.

sudo killall gnome-software &&rm -r ~/.cache/gnome-software

(google translate)

I’m deleted the gnome-software. Because it can’t do many things (for example: install KDE). DNF can.

gnome-software is not alternative for dnf .

dnf is packages manager to install programs and libraries and …

basically gnome-software is store to install programs ,its use AppStream metadata to view programs/screenshots and …,its use packagekit/dnf backend and plugins like flatpak plugin and snap plugin to support flatpak/snap .


(google translate)

Thanks! Topic Starter’s machine isn’t constantly online. The gnome-software is a beautiful, but traffic-hungry monster. It is easier to simply delete the gnome-software, rather than configure it.

Thanks for the links!