Fedora 31 Disable Autoupdate

I use the GNOME desktop.
No additional apps than the basic OS install.
I would like to disable Automatic Updates yet still be able to perform manual updates via a terminal window.
I would prefer to not extend timers, but disable auto updates all together.
All assistance will be appreciated.

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You need disable packagekit and Gnome Software… I only use dnf…

sudo systemctl stop packagekit.service

sudo systemctl disable packagekit.service

sudo systemctl mask packagekit.service

sudo systemctl stop packagekit-offline-update.service

sudo systemctl disable packagekit-offline-update.service

sudo systemctl mask packgekit-offline-update.service

This service downloads updates in the background then send a notification that they are ready to be installed, that there are new updates?



Fedora has not automatic updates by default only show a notification of that there are updates available and you can take the decision of update trough gnome-software or with the console (nothing more).

Other thing is what you have enabled, in this case you can see how it does work to enable or disable it.



@xtym but, on a default scenario, packages are downloaded in the background or the gnome notification is… only a notification?


@alciregi I think it is only a notification to me, if i run gnome-software it says search the updates and after reboot to apply them but also it is true than sometimes just the updates was downloaded but I don’t know if it was because i did run in terminal sudo dnf --refresh upgrade and i did go to a new cache with the newpackages ready to install. It is something than i need see too but normally trough gnome-software i need donlowad first the packages to after reboot and execute the update.

It is than i see but maybe i missing something with gnome-software because i never did check the options of gnome-software like it:

Skärmbild från 2019-12-04 18-16-56

Maybe disabling automatic updates always do sure than never it will go downloaded. But like said before normally i need push the bottom search the updates after i did received the notification.

Append: Here I found a bit more of information i dont know the state in 3.34


Edit2: Today i did pay more atteting @alciregi and yes the updates was downloaded by default just only reboot and install buttom was present maybe the others times i did check this direct after i received the notification from gnome-software and there was the buttom download preview to reboot and install So i maybe it was just a question of time what it is logical… you are right !.


Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
Much appreciated.

It’s a very good idea! I will do it.

thank you