Fedora 32: copy/paste issues

Hi all,

I upgrade from Fedora 31 to Fedora 32 and now copy paste is not working !! with Fedora 31the OS was to slow when I open two intelliJ and 10 tabs in chrome, I have 8 GB of memory, and now with Fedora 32 the simple compy paste is not working and I dont have any clue about this !!, please can somebody help me ?

Hello @danfedora

Nice name you’ve got there. Welcome to the Fedora community.
You need to give more information about your issue. You want to copy from what to where? The more we know about the problem, the greater the chances of resolving it.

Hi Thanks for you reply !!, if I want to copy from any place to any other place a text, lets say from a web page that I open in chrome, I choose the text inside the web page then I do ctr+c or right click with the mouse and click on copy, then I go to my text file and press ctr+v or mouse right click paste, but nothing is copied. I am using Fedora gnome -Xorg. I could not pass an interview because I wrote my code in IntelliJ then I could not paste in the web page of the code interview or in an email !!! It never worked copying and pasted from a text file to the ssh terminal, but now It does not work at all. any help is welcome !! thanks again !!

Hmm, I have heard at one time (in the recent past) that the design in Gnome was to prevent Copy/paste from web-browsers. I’ll wait for someone to confirm or refute this

No, nothing of that sort. Some folks have seen copy-paste issues in Qt based applications in gnome, but that’s all.

@danfedora: are you using a clipboard manager by any chance? That’s known to break copy-paste sometimes.

Can you please list the exact steps in detail that you’re following to copy-paste, and can you please look at your journal to see if there are any errors there related to this?