Fedora 33 beta Firefox bookmarks toolbar folders not displaying bookmarks or are very sluggish

Using FF 81.0.1 with wayland. When i hover or click a toolbar folder it either won’t display the bookmarks in that folder or it will be extremely sluggish, like 10 seconds before it displays. Is anyone else having this issue?

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I have the same problem.

It doesn’t happen right away, when I open Firefox, but usually within a few clicks in the bookmark toolbar. From that point, when I click a toolbar folder, the folder is either light gray (non-responding) or dark grey (I can select bookmarks in the folder by using keyboard arrows).

Right-clicking anywhere in Firefox GUI (but not the actual browser content) also seems affected, I can’t right-click to e.g. hide or show elements in the tab, address and toolbar areas.

Dell laptop with touchpad, no problems navigating or selecting in other programs.

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I can observe similar behaviour on my F33 with FF 81.0.1. I wouldn’t call it sluggish but I can certainly see a delay for the folder in the bookmarks to open and also to show sub-menus. I think I noted that the toolbar folder only appears or expands if I move the mouse after clicking. If I simply click, nothing happens…

(I am forced to use a WIn10 machine at work, FF 81.0.1 installed, can’t reproduce this behaviour there, everything works as expected, much more snappy)

I think that the key word here is “beta.” F 33 has not been officially released, yet and questions about it should be sent to the appropriate test list.

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