Fedora 33 (Desktop) Need a mediawiki install clean and simple procedure

Good Day:
could someone document cleanly & concisely how to install on Fedor22 Desktop and really use “mediawiki” package with MariaDB (perhaps others too) as a database ?

Comment: there is just to much often contradictory info on https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki, on Fedora 32 all I was able to do was… to brick completely Fedora ! (I use MATE Desktop: clean, frugal, functional, and stay away from GNOME3 bloated, complex).

Consequently a procedure would be very helpful. Ideally a virtual package, one day will do the job so it works “out of the box”, ideally with the same environment as Wikipedia, including the same visual editor.

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sudo dnf install httpd mariadb-server mediawiki
sudo systemctl --now enable httpd.service mariadb.service
sudo mysql_secure_installation
sudo mysql << EOF
create database if not exists mediawiki;
grant all privileges on mediawiki.* to 'mediawiki'@'localhost' identified by 'mediawiki_passwd';
flush privileges;
sudo sed -i -e "6,12s/^#\s//" /etc/httpd/conf.d/mediawiki.conf
sudo systemctl reload httpd.service
chromium-freeworld http://localhost/wiki/
sudo cp "$(xdg-user-dir DOWNLOAD)/LocalSettings.php" /var/www/wiki
sudo sed -i -e "/^require\s/s/\s/_once /" /usr/share/php/OOUI/widgets/InputWidget.php

Tested in a Fedora 33 VM.


I also see that there’s a README in the package that should perhaps be worth a look:

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