Fedora 33 download bug?

Hello all,

Am I the only one to face this problem ? Am I doing something wrong ? (see screenshot)

Thanks for help

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Show your repos:

dnf -q repolist
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I haven’t seen other reports of that. Possibly a temporary network issue?


The file is there…


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Thanks for your help.

Here is what I see when entering the command you suggest

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You can try to temporarily disable that repo:

sudo dnf config-manager --save --setopt fedora-cisco-openh264.enabled=0

Or try again later.


Might be a mirror issue (my guess overloaded mirrors). I upgraded to 33 yesterday but today my updates timed out five times before going thru.

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I tried and it worked. Thanks fot the trick ! :blush: :+1:


Don’t forget to re-enable the repo, to not get stuck with an old package.

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OK, for sure. What’s the command ? is it :

sudo dnf config-manager --save --setopt fedora-cisco-openh264.enabled=1 ?
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That’s it, and then run:

sudo dnf distro-sync

See also: Resolving post-upgrade issues

OK. Done !

Thanks a lot !

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