Fedora 33 | fingerprint reader | not unlocking keyring

Hello guys,

I am using Fedora 33 (fresh install) on a Thinkpad Carbon 8Gen. I have configured my fingerprint reader via “fprintd-enroll”. The finger got successfully enrolled.


  • While I can get past the login screen using the fingerprint, the keyring does not seem to get automatically unlocked and the first application I run cause a popup asking me to enter my password.

Is this an expected behaviour? Is there a way to have the fingerprint automatically unlock the keyring?

Additionally, I could enrol my finger only via terminal. If I try via “Settings -> Users” the UI crash when I press “Scan new fingerprint” and I select a finger.

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, except for that your UI crashes where mine never has. Would anybody know why the login keyring does not get unlocked when scanning your finger?

I was pleasantly surprised that the fingerprint sensor in my Thinkpad T14 worked on Fedora 33 and was easy to setup. The problem mentioned seems to be caused by gnome-keyring insisting on a password. Searching a bit online I found multiple mentions of this issue with various Linux distributions.