Fedora 33 freezes frequently and randomly

Fedora 33 freezes frequently and randomly while watching video (FireFox and Chrome). Small sound sequence loops endlessly. All input / output devices are blocked, no mouse (laser off), no keyboard (caps lock LED does not work). The only thing that helps is hard reboot. No error reporting after the hard reboot.

My machine is Dell 3640, intel 10700k. Comet Lake PCH-H W480 chipset. No discrete graphics card.

Check your GNOME shell extensions, I had to turn off Freon to stop this from happening on my NVIDIA rig.


I have only 2 extensions active. Background logo and Dash to dock.

Just deactivate them and see if this happens again.

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Can someone explain to me how a gnome extension can block (without kernel panic) an entire modern and supposedly “multitasking” system?

What’s going on? How can I trace what happens just before and after freeze and hard reboot? Probably a watchdog to activate? I’m sorry, but I’m from macOS and my knowledge of Linux is limited.

Extensions many times are made from enthusiasts or developers who have an idea independent being a part of the gnome development team. Then things change and the extension has to follow this changes. This can cause hick-ups and problems.

And to find out the bug/problem, it’s needed to switch of extensions to see if the problem still exists. As it is not possible to deactivate the OS and just run the extensions we have to do it the opposite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: