Fedora 33 Release Date

I am confused about the release date of Fedora 33. Will it be 10/20 or 10/27?

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If everything goes right, Fedora 33 will be released on the “Current Final Target date Tue 2020-10-20”. But if something goes wrong (for example if there are some unresolved blocker bugs) it can be postponed (this will be decided on a Go no-Go meeting before the release) and that is the second date (and in theory the release can be postponed multiple times, but that usually does not happen).


@yifan you can monitor results of readiness and blocker bugs review meetings here:

and/or here:


This link shows that only the Fedora Magazine and Websites are not ready. Does that mean all blocking bugs are resolved?

Did you take a look at the following link posted by @vtrefny?

(That’s why QA doesn’t show ready)


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