(Fedora 34) Blue Yeti microphone plays back through its headphone port; how to turn off?

Hello, I am a new user of Fedora 34 on my desktop (and of Linux in general) and am very happy to be joining the community.

I use a Blue Yeti USB microphone as my both my primary audio input and output device, with headphones connected to the mic’s aux output. I’ve noticed that I can faintly hear the mic’s input playing back through my headphones at all times when using Fedora (for example, when I speak). I would like to disable this playback, but cannot find how, and so any advice would be appreciated.

Some things I’ve noticed about this behavior:

  • Using the physical mute switch on the Blue Yeti makes the playback stop.
  • Changing the output volume in the OS changes the volume of the playback, up to the point where muting the output volume stops the playback.
  • Changing the input volume in the OS does not change the volume of the playback.
  • I can still hear the playback even when I switch input devices (specifically, to my webcam’s mic).
  • When I switch output devices to some speakers I have connected to my computer, I don’t hear the playback through those speakers… put if I put on the headphones I still do!

Some of these observations would make me believe this is a hardware feature of the mic itself; yet, the Blue Yeti doesn’t have any sort of direct monitoring as far as I know. Besides, I don’t suffer this playback at all when I use Windows 10 on this same machine.


If it helps, here are some screenshots of my Sound settings panel:

Another screenshot since I am a new user that cannot embed more than one image at a time:

Typically I set both input and output to Yeti Stereo Microphone (not the S/PDIF option–I’ve tried it on that anyways and got the same results).

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