Fedora 34 recieve security atention as much as 33?

Hi guys, how it’s going on?

The other day I was watching a presentation on how Debian handles security, and the presenter said that in Debian, the security team shares the risk with the user on the Stable repository, but in backports, testing and unstable the user shares the risk only with the maintainer of the package.

So, I’m playing around with Fedora beta these days and I was thinking: how safe is Fedora 34 compared with Fedora 33? How much attention Fedora security team gives to one compared to the other?

Anyone know the answer or a way to find it?

Thank you!

Welcome to Fedora.

I’m happy that you ask this question. Actually fedora 34 is having more security attention and support then 33. And while the contributor/developer are going through packaging of a application they ensures all kind of security measures. Also all kind of product/package security measures are monitor and handled by Red Hat Product Security Team.

You can follow the ongoing security process by clicking bellow links:



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Would you mind providing some evidence for such claims?

For Fedora? I thought Fedora is a community-based distro.

As far as I could see, this site does not list if Fedora releases are affected by those CVEs


You can read this for more clarification.

that page doesn’t answer any of my questions.

For example, it says " The Fedora Security Response Team handles security issues within Fedora", which is different from what you are saying.

this one I am particularly interested