Fedora 35 and Icecat Browser

I have a some issue with Fedora 35 and Icecat Browser. I use Fedora on Wayland but the same issue is on X11.

When I want to launch Icecat Browser from menu the Icecat wouldn’t start. So I was trying to start it from terminal and when I try to start I get a information:

/usr/bin/icecat: line 72: fg: no task control 
Memory protection violation (memory dump)

I start figuring what is on the 72 line indicated location and this looks that:

## Enable Wayland backend by default?   
if %{wayland_default} && ! [ $MOZ_DISABLE_WAYLAND ]; then
  if [ "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP" == "GNOME" ]; then


Does anyone know what could cause this issue?

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This is a bug thanks for pointing it out.

Does the same crash happen if you run as a new user?
Are you running any additional extensions have you tried running with those disabled?